please, no loose change

we never received it so
I sent it back

triple a will be here shortly

it’s downhill dinnertime
so leave the car
the fight isn’t worth it

we’ve time left to catch the bus


(For reference, I work at a bank)
I was filling in at anther branch and it was a pretty slow day. An old friend stops by the drive thru whom I demand comes inside to chat. Just then a lady in the drive thru has a transaction that won’t fit in the tube so I walk out to her. She also has a million questions and stories so I’m out there for almost an hour and my friend, who had since come inside, eventually leaves.

So I can finally walk away from the lady, I go back inside and help for a few minutes until I realize she’s still out there and she needs help. Over the situation, I go outside, borrow a wheelchair, and ride it downhill to a nearby Wendy’s. When I get to the bottom, I realize just how far away it is, so I turn back. Ditching the wheelchair, I remember that there’s another fast food place I like in the opposite direction: Pal’s (I promise I’m not making that part up, it’s a Northeast Tennessee/Southwest Virginia fast food chain).

On the way back, there’s a Krystal and there’s smoke coming out the windows. Fire truck parked outside. I stroll right by as if that were a completely normal thing that happens. Soon after, I get back to work to find a packed lobby, person at every teller window and for some reason we have tables set out like for dining guests and those are practically full.

So I take my station back, calmly tell my coworkers there’s a fire next door, and resume my work. It only takes about a minute later for a fire fighter to run in to tell us about the fire too and that we need to evacuate. Immediately, I’m grabbing my stuff and walking out. As I’m leaving, a family comes in. After yelling at that about the situation, they finally follow us out but lag a little behind (which was about all I could expect in my line of work).

So we all head down the sidewalk downhill. I distance myself from my coworkers and our clients, instead grouping up with a few of my cousins and somehow my boyfriend. They’re all a little faster than I am so I start jumping/skipping down the hill to catch up which by now has started to level out to not be so steep. Eventually, we come to a bus stop. The bench’s seat were not made for regular-size or tall adults and I bump my head on the awning when I try to sit. It collapses and swings down onto my family, all of whom managed to sit down somehow but are otherwise indifferent to the bench’s discomfort. 

*I really liked this one because our branch apparently almost always gets busy while I’m gone to lunch.

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