interactive wasteland

it’s getting late

I’ve got to run

don’t wanna miss my train

* * *
This dream is a couple years old and I left the prose unedited. I thought it would be fun to let it marinate for a while and my perspective from then to now is wildly different.

So I was traveling in this ferry/train type thing that brought to a sort of pier. If you’ve ever watched Digimon 04 where those kids go to the DigiWorld on trains, it was kinda like that. Minus the huge train station. So now at the pier, there’s this stepping stone obstacle set up at the other end. Except those stones were balanced on poles. Or I guess you could just climb down. We’ll get to that in a minute. Assuming that I actually cleared that hurdle, because I really don’t recall doing that, I traveled through a barren wasteland for a beat until I came to another obstacle. Pretty much a copy and paste.

After that one, there was a checkpoint with a little house. A nice couple lived there. They reminded me from some generic NPCs from Fallout. Nothing of note to say, but still minimally interesting I suppose. Now on past the house, there was a Catch-A-Ride type deal (That’s a Borderlands reference). There was a car waiting for me. One of those low riders with the flames on each side. Hopped in. Drove it up to this huge farm, maybe a mile or two away, where a few low budget traps had been set up. I maneuvered past them naturally and went inside the house.

Inside there was a family, all of them sitting on this ridiculously long couch and some on the floor playing games on their gigantic TV. They welcomed me as if they had been expecting me. So I grabbed a seat and watched them play. After a few games, there was a knock on the door. There stood a silhouetted figure ominously. I didn’t pay them much mind but they were shouting back and forth with someone on the couch. I got the gist of it. The dude was here for his girlfriend. Or something. But the next thing I know, someone on the couch is telling me that I better leave.

I slip away. Hop in the car. But I made a spectacle of my exit. Maybe I was trying to save that girlfriend from his wrath by making him come after me. I don’t know. So I made donuts in the farmland, really just ruining everything. Which was a total dick move on my part. But it didn’t take long for the guy to come chasing after me in his own car. He’s got this huge gun attached to the front of the car and I’m absolutely terrified. Like I’ve gotta maneuver through these traps again and survive the gunfire. But lucky me, I’ve got bag of money just chilling in the car. It’s about $20,000 but that doesn’t matter, I throw it out of the car and money flies all over the place and thankfully he stops to retrieve it.

I get back to the checkpoint long before he does.

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