Flash Fiction: It Was to Be War

So, I was thinking about how bad am I at starting posts with very little time to write something worthwhile. My solution? Flash fiction! That being said, I’ve never done this before, this is literally my very first attempt at flash fiction. I don’t know if it’s good. I don’t necessarily think it’s bad either though. You decide!

It was to be a surprise. Back from the war, he hid himself among the sequoias, waiting for his husband and kid. He came upon a door, resting in the trunk of a tree. He figures he may as well investigate while he waits for his family. He sets his duffel bag down, lays his Army cap on top of it, and rolls up his sleeves. He peeks inside the door. It looks rather ordinary. The man steps inside to find the same forest he’s only just left. Though his bag and cap have gone. And the door along with them.

In other news, about a year ago one of my friends asked me to help him write a script for a local film contest, which I’m given to understand was one of the bigger contests in the Knoxville area. Long story short, he gave me his idea and asked me to run with it. And I did just that. I had so many ideas and what started out as a —if I’m being blunt— pretty generic story quickly turned into something nearing the point of special in about two days’ time. I was really excited about it and, though we had some creative differences, the growth of the story was going well. Then sorta out of the blue, he texts me and says that he’s gonna go with a different story for his film. Never really got a reason why. I wanna say it was probably because the story was getting long and there was a time constraint for the contest. Either way, I understand his choice and I’m not bitter. Only slightly disappointed that I couldn’t see it come to life on screen.

Anyway, I tucked the idea away until after I finished the novel. Now that it’s done, I think that’s my next project. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting it here or looking for publication once it’s done. Guess it depends on how good it is. In the meantime, stay tuned for more flash fiction from here on!

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