something to wash it down

I should’ve waited
for you to come with me. 

Why is it that I’m
always busy?

Even on vacation I
cannot relax. 

I should’ve waited for you
but I brought business with me

and I eat when I’m bored.


My partner and I got an Airbnb just outside of Boone, NC. At the last second, he said he wasn’t feeling up to it, but that he would head down separately the next morning if I wanted to head down alone. And I did.

When I got in the neighborhood, I felt weirdly confident that I knew where I was, so I turned off the navigation. I parked on the side of the road in front of a gorgeous house that looked vaguely familiar from the pictures. But I walked up the road a bit and saw a road sign, the wrong road sign. Luckily, I spotted the correct street (Fox Street) not far up the road. 

I skipped back to my car and drove up Fox. The street was like a semicircle from a bird’s eye view, but there was a roadblock as you came to the middle of the arc (impassable even on foot) and the Airbnb was just on the other side. I parked, checked Maps, and found that there was a network of pedestrian streets in the center of the semicircle, so I got out and headed down the nearest street.

I found myself in a bank and I had a business deposit to make. I waited in line and for some reason almost took a bite out of the checks. After I got them deposited, I got some nachos from a nearby stand and a drink cup. There was a line at the fountain drink machine. Either only an attendee was allowed to operate it or they were out. Seemed like the latter. Several people obviously got in front of me in line but I didn’t say anything. An attendee never came. 

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