Zine Fest was a total success!

I had such an amazing time at Zine Fest! It was so liberating to show off my poetry and my baking skills in public and my table did way better than I expected. Having my partner by my side and being surrounded by my friends really helped because I was anxious as hell leading up to it. But even more than that, the environment was just so chill and welcoming. There were so many cool tables and zines that I didn’t make it to but I’m glad I got to do a little bit of shopping around. Kind of in awe at how many talented people that live and work in my area.

Speaking of which, I connected with some local writers there too, including a pop-up bookstore, a writing group, and a critique group. Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without an in-person group. I think this was just what I needed.

I’m hoping I’ll be around to do another Zine Fest in the future, maybe even another city.

I’m still planning to post the dream poetry zine “Rabbit Ear Moments” here in the very near future. But until then, enjoy some shots of me and my table from Saturday!

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