it evens you out


it evens you out

soaking up the

anger      frustration

don’t care

gives you perspective

not the way it should be

the way it is

a problem fixed for you

a problem you didn’t know you had


This dream, like most, began like a regular day.

My mom needed help changing the battery on the smoke detector, which is situated on the ceiling. I climbed up, popped the old one out and she handed me a new one. It was around this time that a maintenance truck pulled into our front yard. A couple of guys get out and come inside. Alarming for two reasons. One, how the hell did they just get inside? Two, where they hell are y’all’s masks?

I politely ask them to put masks on. They give me pushback, but working in retail, I’m adept at dealing with this. I even have disposable masks to provide them with. One of them, however, didn’t seem particularly interested in putting on the mask/wearing it properly. And neither of them seemed to be there for any real reason. The no-masker walked outside. His partner had a quick aside with me and asked if there was a problem. Of course I was like “Well maybe.” But he was outside now, so whatever.

Turned out they were here to work on my car? Somehow they’d gotten my keys, presumably from Mom, and started it. As you might imagine, that pissed me off a little bit. He threw my car into reverse and started revving back over and over, constantly pulling on the emergency break immediately after hitting the gas. This went on for about five minutes and naturally I was very confused, feeling as if I couldn’t really say or do anything about it.

Eventually he got out and said that ought about do it, clapping his hands together like after a job well done. According to him, he was trying to negatively charge my car by going in reverse because it was too positively charged. Apparently that was a problem.

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