Moving to Neptune

As sure as the moon is blue
and the grass is crimson,
I belong up there
in the waters hidden
under the shadows of an earth
too detached in a space made crowded
by rubies atmospheric.

No, I missed the ship to ol’ Neptune,
a sapphire magnet so near,
drawing closer and closer still
to this rock made composite
by folks like me charged with negativity
’cause soon that blue hypocrite
will swing back ’round
and there won’t be a boat to catch.


This dream was a quickie. There was just a serene image of a blue moon so close to Earth. And I laid in this in field of red grass, watching it get closer and closer to us. I don’t think I even realized at the time, or perhaps didn’t care, that it was going to crash into the Earth and kill me. But it was really beautiful just lying there, gazing up at it, this massive ball of sapphire filling the sky, out in a secluded field without a sound. Not a bad way to go.

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