The Path Splits Up Ahead

A fork in the road. Choose love or peace. An impossible decision. The world’s sorely overdue for some peace, right? On the other hand… What’s life without love? Of course it’s love you chose. You chose to love people and things. To love a life where there are no wrong decisions. Not that you know of anyway. Perhaps the concept of peace was too good to be true in the first place.

Another fork in the road. Choose what you love: friends or family. Impossible. What really are you without friends? How are you without family? Would you even be without them? An easy choice really. An unconscious one. What was life with friends like again?

And then He appears before you. He tells you this is a dream, a dream in which there can be no incorrect choices. Because the other option is erased entirely. The perfect dream really. But how could you even fathom the concept of wrongness when you’ve always been right? He leads you to another fork in the road. A final decision to be made. Continue dreaming or wake up?

Another fork in the road.


This is a callback to a dream I had last year that I briefly summarized in this post. I still plan to somehow work this into a short story or a novella but I wanted to experiment with formatting in flash fiction first to sort of get my bearings. Strikethrough text seems to work well enough when dealing with memory, but I suppose time will tell. It’s been like six months and I’m still incredibly intimidated by the idea of formatting a larger piece in the same vein as this. But it’ll happen eventually!

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