What You Want

We were as statues,
made to be in your way.
You give us a glimpse of
the future and say, “This is
what you want, no?

Enough to move?”
No, but enough to distract.
Enough to make what our
generation lacks seem
like a proven fact.

I’ve gleaned a desire
that awaits me in my future,
I know for certain. But
I’ve missed the sound
of a closing curtain.


This dream had me really thinking for a couple days.

A friend and I had gone to a bookstore. I had requested we stop by after a weird phase of wandering around with no direction just talking about nothing in particular.

This bookstore also sold these small, decorative statues. There weren’t any that stood out honestly. But my friend saw one on the top shelf that was pinkish and sparkling. So naturally we were like, what? He gets up on his tip toes and grabs it. Suddenly I hear someone trying to get by me. Someone whose face I can’t remember at all. It quickly turned into one of those moments where you try to move out of the way of someone but you keep going the same way and you both get increasingly embarrassed and/or mad. But it was like there was no way that I wouldn’t be in her way. Like her destination would always be behind me. As you may expect, both of us got pretty heated in no time at all.

Then everything rewinded back to the moment before he touched the statue. It was like touching the statue gave us a glimpse of the future. So I was like “Wait, don’t touch that.” I turned around and the person behind me was like a piece of that statue on the top shelf. Pinkish, sparkling, and now floating a couple feet away from me. And there was one behind my friend too. So I grab the thing and the next thing I know, I’m trying to fasten it to the bigger one. I second guessed myself at first, but it really did seem to go there. My friend had done the same.

Then there was this light show and a voice was telling me that it would show me what I wanted most. So it showed me a trailer from Kingdom Hearts 3. No surprise there at all. But after I finished watching it, I was like “Now hold on, I want that a lot but it’s definitely not what I want most.” But the statue was gone.

FUN FACT: I woke up that morning to my normal alarm. My alarm tone for my morning alarms is one of my favorite songs: “What You Know” by Two Door Cinema Club. The lyrics from the chorus: “And I can tell just what you want. You don’t want to be alone. You don’t want to be alone. And I can’t say it’s what you know. But you’ve known it the whole time. Yeah, you’ve known it the whole time.”

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