I Disappeared Again

Things have gotten quiet again, but this time it was totally unintentional. I had the good fortune to be found by this lovely writing coach by the name of Lauren Sapala. And it’s totally changed the way I approach writing. I always felt like I wrote in an unconventional way but she helped confirm that for me and helped me to slowly stop adhering to rational writing methods. Instead, I’ve been trying to write intuitively which, again, I think I’ve been doing already with the dream poetry but I’m trying to translate that into novel writing.

With that being said, we reached the conclusion that NaNoWriMo wasn’t right for me, and god was that absolutely correct. I wouldn’t say that I gave up by any means, I’m just trying to build some trust with my characters before I dive back in. But I can say that I’m very happy with what I have written!

I’ve been wanting to work on some dream poems, but every time that I sit down and get into my intuitive space, it’s my characters that appear rather than any sort of dream work. But I’m one hundred percent going to get back to writing poetry, hopefully soon. I’ve just been focused on the novel (and admittedly the new Pokémon game).

I don’t plan to disappear again anytime soon. My life just took some dramatic changes rather quickly. But I think I’ve got my feet back on solid ground.

BUT I totally recommend checking out Lauren’s site (laurensapala.com) and/or Twitter (@lospala). Really opened my eyes about how I as an INFJ function a differently at a creative level and helped me trust myself a little more.

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