It Lies Up Above

“Belief is a telescope that nobody taught you how to hold.”

This is a line from a song I found pretty recently. Music has just always been a very important and predominant part of my life so I’m happy to continually be influenced by it.

When I heard this line, it hit pretty hard for me. I affectionately call myself a stargazer because of the issues with my vision, so just the metaphor of stargazing with no prior experience or proper education resonated with me pretty well. So of course I wanted to write a poem or a flash fiction piece around this line. But after starting at a blank page for over an hour, I’ve decided that it says enough on its own.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time, really. I’ve been extremely hesitant to dive into this project because I’ve been simultaneously trying to perfect the first one. It’s just a gut feeling that the Stargazer arc is the way to go, then I can look back on Wayfinder and figure out which direction I want to take with it.

I think just these eleven words were enough to motivate to get to work in earnest. And I’ll most definitely be borrowing this line somewhere in my pages.

But at any rate, that’s a beautifully relaxing song and I highly recommend you give it a listen.

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