Whatever it Takes

Stumbled upon a gem this morning entitled The Reality of Writing for a Living Today by Laura Drake on the Writers in the Storm blog. Good read. Little bit of an eye opener. If you’re like me and have aspirations of publication, I’d say it’s well worth your time to peruse this article, as well as its two external links to some statistics and such (as boring as that sounds, it’s still worth, I promise).

Anywho, I started building some of the mythos and character backstory in this new project. Connecting them is a little weird but it’s certainly doable. And as I started connecting them, I found a few potential flaws in the original manuscript. I’m trying to decide if I want to just completely go back and fix them or find a way to make them work. Which I guess I can just decide later since I’m planning for this to be the first in the series.

But either way, I’m just excited that I’m sorta back into my groove again. Getting there. Slowly. I haven’t put many words on the preverbal page yet because I’ve just been making notes but I still call it a psychological win.

In the mean time of note taking, I’m going to be looking for a critique partner on the Twitter event #CpMatch tomorrow. Super excited to have a total stranger give me feedback unadulterated. A little nervous too. Assuming I manage to wrestle up a critique partner at all. But I’m really hopeful. I’ve also spent all this time not really engaging in the writing community and I think it’ll be really fun to dive right in, possibly make some new friends and read some really brilliant work. I think this is the best possible time to find the flaws in Wayfinder and fix them so I can charge ahead on Stargazer, confident that the past is polished and secured.

And now I have a weekend of worrying desperately for the safety of all the Starks ahead of me. Fingers crossed they all live!

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