So the wait begins…

(Don’t know why this post I scheduled for Monday didn’t get posted. But I’ll just post it now I guess.)

Welp. I sent off my first round of queries. Now all I feel is severe APPREHENSION. But no, I’m more or less confident. That being said, I got my first rejection this morning. Which was super weird. I was under the impression that if an agent isn’t interested, they just don’t reply. But it’s better to know than to be left hanging. So for that, I’m glad.

Either way, I think I need to rework my query letter. I guess you could call this round of letters a trial run. It’s a science that I don’t quite understand fully yet. You could have the next Harry Potter but if your query letter sucks, it’ll never see the light of day. So I’m gonna sit back and see how these fare. Writing a synopsis is giving me crazy anxiety too because there’s a big chunk of the novel, particularly the end, that’s marked out with a sweet, sweet dose of metafiction. The first half, anyway. Which is the problem. I’m desperately clinging to the pipe dream that I could land a two-book deal so that I can get the whole thing published. Probably a little too ambitious, but I guess we’ll see.

But I’m still very hopeful. With every new person I let read it, I get the warm and fuzzies. And honestly, if for some reason I can’t get the thing published, that’s enough for me. I just want to make people smile, laugh, cry, and just feel emotionally invested in general. I think I’ve already accomplished that. I don’t let those thoughts hold me for too long though. I know I’m going to get this thing published eventually. It’s just going to take some time. I’m more than willing to wait it out.