I got a pretty pony

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! I ate too much food, became immobile for a whole hour, and then spent the next five hours hunting for a shiny Ponyta on Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee. So I’m feeling pretty fulfilled.

But ironically, on a day of appreciation and thankfulness, I found a silver lining in the mentally exhausting struggle for something so insignificant: I’m thankful for my patience and dedication. I was very close to giving up several times. I’d say, “if I haven’t caught it by 9 pm, I’m done.” 9 pm would roll around and I’d say, “if I haven’t caught it by 10 pm, I’m done.” You get where I’m going with this.

But I didn’t give up on something that didn’t even matter that much to me. So when I finally got the damn thing, I just thought “If I can dedicate this much time to a damn Pokémon, I really can finish this novel.”

I’m not sure when or where patience and dedication were instilled in me, but I’m thankful they were. Along with my ability to find meaning in just about anything.

As a quick update, things are still rolling right along and I’m well on my way to finishing relatively soon (i.e. by the end of the year). But now I’ve got some work to catch up on seeing as I’ve just spent five hours on a video game.

Happy Black Friday! Try not to trample anyone as you race for discounted wash cloths!

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