The End in Sight

So far so good. I’m on track to finish this chapter either tonight or tomorrow. Then I’ll be ready to jump right into the next one. That being said, the chapter I’m working on was already halfway done before I started writing again, so I guess we’ll see how well I fare next week. Earlier this year, I would’ve considered this plan to be rushing it— which is never good. But oddly enough, this pace just feels natural all of a sudden. I’m not sure if it’s the looming promise I made to myself to finish this year or what, but it feels right.

And I feel great. I’ll be at work and almost all I can think about is this novel. Even as I’m writing this, it’s hard to focus on these words because my mind is going in like ten different directions with the novel. But right now, I’m still in uncharted territory. I know what the next major plot point is, I just have to get there. I have to get everyone there, physically and emotionally.

It’s really tricky. And there’s a lot of research to be done just to make sure I’m staying scientifically accurate and using the appropriate phraseology. Strains the mind a bit, but it needs to be done.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m still optimistic and have no intention of slowing down. Wish me luck!

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