We Back

It’s been a busy week of trying to focus on editing but I’m finally done. And now I can get back to cranking out the rest of the novel. Most likely 5-6 more chapters. Yay!

The editing process was actually kinda rough. Almost every time I found something that didn’t agree with my current stylistic choices, there was always this same internal struggle: do I justify the previous choice thematically or change it altogether? And most of the time, I ended up with some minimal tweaking. The whole ‘trust your reader’ credo is great and all, but I still think I need a second set of eyes on the entire thing to get a better feel for it. It’s really easy to confuse it with ‘trust your instincts.’ Mainly because there’s a bit of a political critique in there, which, again, was unintentional when I first started but it just sorta happened. I tried to write magical realism without it and before I knew it, it was there. I’m trying to word things in a way that doesn’t necessarily root for either Republicans or Democrats, and I just want to be certain that I’m accomplishing that because I want this to be a novel that anyone can enjoy despite political differences. Mostly because we’ve been conditioned to avoid political discussions like the plague, another topic I’m trying to subtly address.

But in other news, Dems won the House! Not gonna lie, I was pretty worried about the direction our country was going in (and I still am), but at least now we can rest a little bit easier for the next two years.

No. Ugh. Politics. Who wants to talk about politics, right?

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