Learning and Stuff

Just wanted to say today that I think I’m finally out of my rut. I think I can finally get back to work for real this time, especially since the the kiddos are all back in school and now the library won’t be an ironically loud mess. That was part of the problem, but certainly not the entire reason why I’ve been incredibly lazy even by my standards.

Anyway, I’ve found the wisdom and advice of complete strangers to be very helpful lately. I’ve gotten a bunch of ideas just in passing, something that has never really happened before. I know I’ve talked a lot about taking inspiration from other works before because I hold the belief that it’s very difficult in this millennia to have a wholly new idea, almost impossible even. So why not use what other people have said and thought as a base for your own creativity? By that, I’ve always meant seeking out like-minded individuals and/or writings and using the amalgamation of those ideas to form an idea that you could potentially call your own (giving them credit obviously). But I don’t know. The thought of stumbling upon an idea, unwarranted, just never came to mind.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve interacted with more random people than my introverted self is accustomed to handling from working at a bank. I’ve seen how they react to one another. How quick they are to anger but also how understanding they can be. How patient and impatient. At times I can be filled with sympathy and at others it’s pure repulsion. And I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter much how I dislike my job at times, because these interactions with random people are helping to shape how I write in general but specifically in the novel. And it’s helping to shape my ability to feel compassion for most people. Because I’d be lying if I said I’m a very social human being.

I think the ability to learn even when you have no intention of learning anything is important today. A little compassion never hurt anyone.

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