Throw it in Reverse

I’m sure I’ve talked about how important I think feedback is before, but here I go again, bear with me. I’ve had a pretty difficult time finding people I trust to read everything I’ve written and offer me some constructive criticism. On one hand, I totally understand that people have lives of their own that may make them too busy or too exhausted to read 300+ pages. But on the other hand, it makes me feel really insecure about the whole thing, which is admittedly one of the reasons I’ve kinda been in a rut as far as progress on the novel is concerned. It makes me feel like: if I can’t get a good friend to read this, how am I supposed to get a complete stranger to?

But I’ll do a complete one-eighty and say that I’m incredibly appreciative of the feedback I’ve gotten so far. Looking back, I realize I haven’t spent enough time with the first chapter, which is arguably the most important. That’s the first thing the reader is gonna see. That leaves a lasting impression for the rest of the read. (Again, I know I’ve talked about this before so I’ll just leave it at that) So I’m going to refocus on tweaking it some once I’ve finished the chapter I’m currently working on. I’m planning to post the first chapter in its entirety in the next week or so just to see what you, my favorite strangers, think. Stay tuned!

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