Toeing the Line

I constantly struggle with how obvious a symbol should or shouldn’t be. And most recently, I’ve been paralyzed with indecision. There’s a very blurred line between a totally missing the message and so obvious that it can come off as offensive. Admittedly my reservations of tackling a turbulent topic are probably a contributing force in my indecisiveness. Regardless, I think it’s still a touchy subject.

It’s hard to tell whether a subtle approach is necessarily better than an obvious one. Now obviously, a subtle message is certainly more creative, but if it’s too subtle, the message isn’t received. Which is the heart of my problem. I fear that a certain important detail might be far too blatant but if I make it even the slightest bit more subtle, it probably won’t be recognized as a symbol.

Then my next question is: what’s more important, the fact that there is a message to be heard or the cohesiveness of the story in general? Initially, I want to say the story is more important but what’s a story without depth? It’s all about making a memorable experience. Thus I find that the message and the cohesiveness are essentially one and the same.

So I’m left thinking in circles, knowing that this is important but unsure of how to do it. And sometimes second guessing myself, as you can see. I just truly love writing more than most things and I love this story and its characters. I want it to be great. I want it to mean something to someone besides just me. And that desire is the source of my fear.

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