Hitting Record

During Ubisoft’s press conference, I was introduced to really ingenious site called hitRECord.org by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He introduced it as a way for the creative side of the gaming community to contribute to an upcoming game: Beyond Good and Evil 2. Immediately I was like, sign me up. And I did sign up.

I’m not gonna sit here and explain the intricacies of the site because this isn’t a review, but I think it’s a pretty awesome way to share your work. I started out trying to contribute to the game but I saw they’ve got weekly writing challenges that I could get behind. Plus there’s no real chance of your work being “stolen” but rather remixed into the work of another.

So basically, I think I’m gonna start posting stuff on that site every now and then. Maybe flash fiction and some poetry. So yeah, here’s my link. I don’t really have anything over there that you haven’t seen already but I plan to try the occasional writing challenge. And, ya know, it’d be cool to connect with any of you over there. 😀

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