I’m struggling to find something that hasn’t been said already. I know there’s some string of words that wants to be said but it’s all so familiar now. Honestly, I’m having trouble pinpointing my ideas for this post after watching the Sense8 finale this morning, and, just by the way, its brilliance and complexity cannot be summed up in one phrase. I love that series so much that I actually based a significant part of my novel from it.

Maybe what I’m trying to say is that leaving things unsaid can still speak volumes. It can leave your mind racing, searching for answer as if it were a needle in a haystack. But there’s a pleasant finality to have things answers appropriately and timely. To just being finished. Whether or not it’s the result you were hoping for, just seeing how things were meant to unfold provoked its own emotional response. A meaningful response that lingers. Sense8 did that for me. All of the behind the scenes drama from the cancellation to the announcement of a finale. I literally screamed when they made that announcement and I woke up this morning with a singular thought: finishing the story.

I want to be able to make a story like that. A story that fans rave for. That they genuinely feel a part of. Whether it be this novel or the next, I want to have that power to inspire. To really influence someone’s life in a positive way.

That’s what drives me to continue. Even the slightest possibility that what I have to say might affect someone for the better. I write to be remembered for that possibility.

So yeah, I’ll go to the library and I’ll write today and the next day. Because I think my story matters. And one day, I hope I’ll get to see the fruits of my dedication, however eclipsed it may be by my procrastination.

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