We Back At It

Finally finished chapter eight. And it’s a long one. Probably too long but I’m not worried about that right now. Point is: it’s done!

I won’t lie, one of the big reasons why it took so long to finish this one in particular is that I have a penchant for procrastinating. But the subject matter was really hitting me heavily too because a lot of things happened that made my protag uncomfortable. And since it’s in first person, I was also feeling pretty uncomfortable writing it. Nevertheless, it got done.

I’m planning to use this momentum and slingshot through chapter nine and maybe get back on my loose deadline of a chapter draft every two weeks. Which, in hindsight, is really tough for me personally but I’m doing it anyway. Still having a lot of fun writing the novel though. Just wanted to make another quick progress update. Also I have no intentions of regressing back to being lazy as hell.

I also submitted a few poems to a poetry collection so maybe that’ll turn into something. Either way I hope to officially be published some time this year!

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