We Goin’ Clubbin’

So I put together a small book club with a couple of my friends probably about a month ago. But we’re only calling it a book club because we only discuss my book and my book only. Kinda just happened out of nowhere. I was talking to both of them individually on the subject and then one day they were like, why don’t we just combine these conversations? So we did. Or he did. I wasn’t really given a choice honestly now that I think about it. But my point here is that I’m glad that it happened.

So after a lot of explaining and conversing, the idea that my novel should be split into two separate was birthed. And the more I think about it, the more logical and beneficial it sounds. For a lot of reasons. Reasons I may or may not disclose at some point along the way, but reasons nevertheless. Well, okay. For one thing, the entirety of the thing would be pretty lengthy. Lengthy to the point of probably intimidating readers. Also, if you hadn’t noticed yet, I have a tendency to get distracted quite easy. Not to mention that I don’t have as much free time as I used to.

Of course, I’m still kinda hesitant to split it up, but if anything, this’ll make my original plan of being finished by July much more realistic. If I’m being honest, it also just makes sense for the story. I think peer reviewing is a very vital part of the writing process so I’m just thankful that I have friends that can devote the time to give me constant feedback. Anyway, there’s my status update. I think I’m back on track to “finish” on time so I guess we’ll see in three months.

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