I’m doing it again

I’m finally taking my first genuine step into metafiction. I just crossed out a huge, and really important, section out of a chapter because I want my protag to repress the memory and I want the reader to be surprised later down the road when it pops back up. Feels pretty good though. This was a scene I’ve felt really uneasy about for a long time now and I think it reads a lot better with it being omitted. I think it’ll be good for building some suspense versus the heightened sense of suspicion I was going for before.

On that note, I know I took some time to work on a short story but even looking past that, I’m a little behind schedule. Which if I’m honest doesn’t surprise me because I’m very good at procrastinating. Like really good. Like if they were handing out awards for procrastination, I wouldn’t even get out of bed to claim my award. But rather than provide a list of excuses for why I’m wasting precious time this time around, I’ll just say that the new job stress is kinda sorta dissipating, so I should be good now. Also I was sabotaged by Good Friday because the library was closed!

In other Mack news, I’m finally getting my half sleeve finished this Saturday. And I have a very long explanation of the whole thing and why I chose what I chose. So that’s gonna happen this time next week. But it looks really good so far and I’m really excited to show it off but I’ve been restraining myself for over two months because I want it to be completely finished.

I know I’ve said this a million times and I’ll probably say it a million more times but hopefully I’ll stop dawdling. And maybe I’ll stop dancing around the word “procrastinate” and just call it what it is.

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