On the Horizon

Had some trouble getting out of my mind last week. Had a bad sinus infection and an accompanying sinus headache for the better part of the week so it was really hard to concentrate. BUT I made a lot of headway as far as the end game of the novel is concerned. Ironed out some kinks. Jotted down a few more ideas. Etc. As far as a progress update goes, I’m still hopeful, just a small setback in the form of sickness. But I’m better for the most part so I plan to dive back into the thick of it ASAP.

I also just got a new job, starting next week. But I’m planning to juggle two jobs for the foreseeable future. Not sure how that’s going to affect my progress honestly. I’d like to confidently say that it won’t be a problem but I can only say that it shouldn’t slow me down. I’ve been going to the library a lot lately to get my thinkers working unencumbered so I suppose if I continue to do that, or maybe even go more often, then I should still be on track to finish soon.

Anyway, I’ve had a lot of cool ideas as of late. I’m finding magical realism to be pretty fulfilling just because it allows me to put all my thoughts and feelings about the state of our country into a fictional form without directly making a call to action or something. But it’s not necessarily subtle either. For any of you looking for something to read that’s kinda sorta similar to what I’m writing, I’d recommend Through the Arc of the Rain Forest by Karen Tei Yamashita or Wild Seed by Octavia Butler. And, as always, thanks for sticking with me!

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