Strength to Protect What Matters

So, quick progress update: I haven’t felt this motivated in a very long time. Finally, I’m back in the headspace of almost exclusively thinking about writing and it’s fantastic. But I’d be lying if I said I got to this point alone. If it weren’t for my friend being genuinely interested in the story and diligently making sure I’m sticking to my deadline, I’d still be floating in an ocean of ambiguity (and I don’t know how to swim). I’ve made some more detailed outlines for what’s to come as well as come up with some great themes. Or I guess I won’t know whether they’re great until someone reads it but at least now that doesn’t seem like it’ll be too far in the future.

I still get a little bit of anxiety actually sitting down to put my thoughts and notes into prose but that’s usually remedied with a deep breath and putting myself in the shoes of my protag. There’s little that compares to that drop-everything-and-write feeling that is a plot epiphany. It’s really nice to have someone (who is now my self-appointed editor I guess) who is invested in what I’m writing and is eager to read more. So I’m really excited that I’m finally finding the strength to do what I love again.

I realize this blog was kinda sorta depressing for a hot minute. While I can’t confidently say the depression is gone, I can however say that I am no longer so depressed that I need to write specifically about it to vent. So that’s cool. For those of you who frequent this blog, who have watched me struggle for the past few months, thanks for sticking with me and hopefully I’ll be on the road to completion very soon. Seeing a like here and there really motivates me to stay strong and push forward. But I can’t promise I won’t just forget to post stuff sometimes when I get caught up in writing.

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