In the Most Unlikely of Places

I think I find it a little odd that some of my posts are well received, by my standards anyway, I know this isn’t a wildly popular blog. When I wake up on a day like today and have absolutely no idea what I’m going to write about, I just briefly think of something that’s happened to me that meant even a little bit and compare it to something that might mean something to more people. But now that I’m reading those words, I guess it isn’t all that surprising.

People are self-interested by nature. Why wouldn’t we be? Of course you wouldn’t be here reading this blog if it was just full of content specifically about myself. Not unless you knew me in real life or I was a celebrity or just led a particularly significant life. I’d like to think you’re here to learn something, or I guess I’d like to hope. As pretentious as that sounds, that was never really the goal of this blog. I started the blog to motivate myself to seriously write again, and since I’ve never been the type of guy to talk about himself, I just write about whatever comes to mind. It just so happens that there’s usually a learning aspect.

I don’t really consider myself a philosopher, but I try to genuinely learn from most, if not all, of my daily interactions. Honestly, that’s probably the only reason why I’m even able to generate content three times a week. I lead a pretty uneventful life but I suppose I just see things differently. And I guess in my own self interest, I’m learning a lot in general and about myself.

So I guess what I’m getting at is I’m flattered that some of you keep coming back for more. I’m glad that something that started out as specifically for myself turned into something that at least a handful of people seem to enjoy. Looks like there’s some good to be found in the most unlikely of places.

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