Blogging how I blog

This week I learned how to be a better blogger. I’m in the trial phase for a freelance blog writer position and part of it was a lot of reading. Like so much reading that I almost didn’t even wanna do it honestly. But I did. And I can say with full certainty that the reason I didn’t want to do it is because every guideline, rule, and piece of advice said the same thing with different words: it’s all about the audience, which isn’t a surprise to me.

I guess that’s probably why I didn’t want to do the reading. Because I felt like I was being told things I already knew. But of course, there was new information for me. Like that the words you and because are the two most important words in a blog post, that better sentence structure to make writing more appealing to potential readers, and that the most powerful tool in a post is the presentation of a potential benefit to the reader. And, ya know, pictures, links, lists, etc. are nice too. Also, most people don’t know how a semicolon works, so don’t use them at all. If you’re wondering, I’m gonna.

I also realized over the week that I don’t want to worry about any of that stuff here. I’m here to entertain. Sometimes to vent. Sometimes just to talk about things that aren’t usually brought up irl. Or whatever else I feel like doing. I’m here because I want to be here, not because I’m being paid. The fact that you even read what I write is great, don’t get me wrong, but I came here because there were no rules or regulations. I can say anything I like here.

I’ve always thought writing should be unrestricted and I’ve always hated being told what to write. The freedom is what makes it fun. But I also want to make a career change and I think this is the right place to start. I honestly am a little excited to try it out for a while. As much as I like freedom, I like learning too, and I’ve got much to learn. It looks like I might be focusing on things like social media and technology with my posts potentially, both of which interest me. But that’s if they choose to move forward with me. I guess I’ll know soon if I have what it takes.

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