Searching for the Strategy?

If you’re like me, seeing and hearing about everything going on with North Korea is pretty unsettling. However, some pretty important people aren’t very worried at all. Which is kind of confusing because I never know what to think when I look to the Trump administration for strategy updates. One day, the CIA director says something along the lines of “We need a regime change in North Korea” and the next day, I hear Nikki Haley say “The time for talking is over.” Then Rex Tillerson goes “No, I think we should start talking.” Stole that right from Netflix’s Chelsea, if you were wondering.

Anyway, this is another one of my begrudgingly lazy posts because I’m exhausted but I’ll be damned if I don’t keep to my deadlines. If you wanna read a little more on what some appropriately intelligent people have to say, check out this post on the Washington Post.

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