From Fake News to Bad Press

So one week ago, we saw that Sean Spicer announced his resignation from his position as White House press secretary. That was one week ago. And now we’ve got his replacement who is somehow leaps and bounds worse on all accounts. Senior Advisor to the President Anthony Scaramucci. Where does Trump find these guys? I can’t even remember these officials under Obama. They’re really, in the grand scheme of things, not that big of positions compared to the rest of the White House employees. But both of these guys have managed to make jokes of themselves in little to no time at all.

There’s no way that I can uniquely describe the unprofessional bullshit this guy has gotten himself into, to put it lightly, and by now, it’s all over Twitter and literally every news outlet. So I’ll just cut to the chase and link you a list of his quotes, ranked by the New Yorker. It’s been a wild week, both for me personally and unsurprisingly for politics as well. These things just can’t really be ignored, but hopefully things will settle down and I can continue to pump out actual content.

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