Modern Day Presidential

I really don’t want to make discussing Trump’s latest Twitter turpitude a staple for this blog, but really it’s hard to just ignore it. Our president posted on Twitter Saturday “My use of social media is no Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL.”

What does that even mean? Validating your actions by basically saying this is the way things are now doesn’t excuse anyone of anything. If anything, he must be trying to redeem himself, but 15 hours later, he posts a truly repulsive gif of him slamming CNN. Literally slamming. And a few hours later, he really rubs it in that he’s the president and can say and do whatever he wants.

The weird part for me was just facing the reality we’re living in. While watching the Handmaid’s Tale, it really hit me that drastic changing is coming, or has come. Mind blowing. Maybe it’s wrong to instantly compare what’s happening right now to the Handmaid’s Tale but the things our president says are borderline incomprehensible.

Disenfranchising the media literally is not helping anyone. There is no such thing as fake news. It is either fake or it is news. Journalists go to extreme lengths to make sure the things reported are accurate. There is such a thing as posting inaccurate stories on the Internet, stories written to spread lies, fear, etc. However, I doubt anyone would find any such story on CNN or any other reputable news site for that matter. The reporters that work for CNN did not get hired to spread fallacies. They are professionals with so much experience under their belts that it actually does not make sense to call them fake. And even if they weren’t reporting facts, there’s no way their editors would let that story out the door.

I am absolutely tired of our president getting upset constantly that the media simply tells the truth. A truth he does particularly like, but a truth nevertheless. “The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House, but I’m president and they’re not.” Probably the least presidential, or ‘modern day presidential,’ statement I’ve ever heard, and that’s saying a lot given everything he’s said for the past six and a half months. But the ‘fake media’ has not given up the fight. You can only call something fake for so long. Fake things don’t last. The media is here to stay.

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