“The Millennial Problem”

In lieu of a fully written blog post today, I’d like to share a 15-minute YouTube video my coworker showed me this morning. For anyone and everyone that sees Millennials as an entitled, lazy, etc. generation, I encourage you to watch and share this video. We may have “been dealt a bad hand” with parenting, technology, instant gratification, and our environment, but we still have much to offer as a demographic group. The way we see the world may not be the most ideal, but it’s unique perspective and should not be easily dismissed, especially by the previous generation of whom we are products.

One thing I noticed Sinek doesn’t mention is how the economy has shaped our growth. We’re living a time in which we’ve got $10,000+ in debt from school. Not to mention most any job you would want after school requires experience that we most likely couldn’t have gotten because we were in school. I think the resulting attitude from that is like “why even try?” But conversely, we’re like “well if I don’t try then I won’t have made an impact on anything.” Thus, left to grasp for straws, we’re ultimately dissatisfied with our adult lives as we’ve been conditioned to have pretty much everything given to us and we’re met with a society that literally won’t let you progress. And with it, goes confidence.

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